this is the working process

Design Process

It is the first step of the design, and then we agree with the client on the entire design process.


In the supervision stage, we select the right ninja from our team who will make the designs for the client.

Budget Planning

At this stage, we agree with the client on the rate of the project, the dates of payment and the stages of delivery.

Build a home for you

This is the last stage where we hand over to the client the necessary shop drawings for the implementation and completion of the project.

What do we believe?

We believe that a building should reflect a story; one that engages person in! The dream remains an idea unless we take serious steps to achieve it, and today we are taking firm, serious steps to make a difference in the world of design and creativity.

meet our Ninja

Saji Hamed
Founder of Saji Architects

Who are we?

Saji Architects is an architectural, environmental and interior design firm that includes a group of experienced and creative architects from around the world.

Our team finds their love and passion in architecture and design and this is what makes our designs unique and always leaves a mark on others.

All you will see next is a mixture of designs preoccupied with love and devotion.

Our guarantees?

– Make the customer part of the design.

– Best Quality

– Best Price.

– Best Service.

– Time-Saving.

Our services

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Landscape 0

Our services

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